Friday, July 8, 2016

Farm Fresh - A New Farm Girl Vintage Pattern is now Available!

Hello cute people!
This week I am teaching at another 
workshop/retreat and this is our
 new project that we are working on:)

It's a Farm Stand quilt!

Any of my 6" farm girl blocks 
fit on the canning jar labels for your farm stand:)

I have 45 farm girl blocks in my 
book so there are plenty to choose from...

But if you want more choices... you can always use one of my 
farm girl companion patterns that are available
by clicking here.

All of these companion blocks came from previous 
Farm Girl Vintage 
retreats and so many of you who could not attend 
asked for them to be 
and so my 
 complied by making them available as 
PDF Download Patterns on their site.

The choices of labels are really up to you 
so that your very own farm stand can be personalized!

if you want to make one of your own:)


P.S. Check out my Instagram by clicking 
if you want to see all the fun 
we are having this week at retreat!

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Friday, July 1, 2016

New - Scrappy Project Planner and Accessories!!!

Good morning cute people!
I'm so excited to announce what
 I have been working on for quite some time:)

It's my Scrappy Project Planner and is now available for pre-order
 from my awesome publishers! 

Because I have been quilting for many years...
I have found the value in writing down 
and keeping track of each quilt that I am making.

I designed my Scrappy Project Planner 
so that you can do the same!

If you like to be efficient and keep organized...
if you are already a planner, scheduler or list maker...
and if you are a quilter like I am...
I'm sure you're gonna love it as much as I do!

My project planner has 5 sections 
for easy peasy quilty organization:)

Here is a peek at the project pages.
There is plenty of space for things like keeping track of supplies, 
fabrics used and even a place for sketching if you decide to 
be the boss of your own quilt and change it up a bit!

In another section I have weekly pages 
where you can keep track of your progress on each project, 
your sew days and alongs...and quilt swaps...etc:)

In my Tips and Organizing section you will find things like
my 5 Step method to building and using your own scrappy stash...
how I use my leftovers and even how I shop for and store my fabric.
I have included my "Shortcut Methods" on piecing
 several quilty necessities like flying geese and quarter square triangles.
I have also included several handy charts for all different sizes.
These are just a few things included in this section...
I promise that I have jam-packed it with quilty goodness!

There is a section for notes and sketching as well:)

So are you wondering why I call it my 
Scrappy Project Planner 
instead of just my
Project Planner?

I love to sew scrappy and 
I wanted to share with you 
why and how I do it...
and just how easy it is...
all in one publication.

So in the last section of my planner...
 I have included 6 new quilt patterns
all sewn from my scrappy stash bins:)

This one is called "Happy Trails"

And this scrappy happy one is called
"Fat Quarter Flirt"

I used 30 fat quarters 
to make this twin size:)
Fun and sew easy!

This is my "Shortcut Stars" 
that I designed using all of my shortcut methods that I included in the planner.

"Patchwork Tulips" 
was a must to include because I love making 
scrappy flower quilts from my stash:)

This is my 
"Scrap - Apple" quilt...
and is my twist on the 
traditional pineapple quilt.

I can't wait for you to grab your scraps 
and use my easy method for 
cutting and sewing this fun quilt!

In my humble opinion...
scrap quilts are a special work of art:)

Next up is my scrappy 
"Checkerboard" quilt 
using the simple 
but always beautiful nine patch.

It's perfect for using up your leftover scrappy squares!

I love the variety and the way that my 6 scrappy quilts look together...

And I hope you do too!

"Scrappiness is Happiness!

This is not the end cute people.
If you know me at all...
and you know how fun planners are...
then you know that 
I just had to throw in
 a few extra goodies to play with:)

My Planner Pens are 
fine tip markers and 24 happy colors.
Use these to 
write everything in your planner!
(and to sketch too!)

I designed 3 Sew Cute bookmarks 
to hold your place...
(3 projects at a

And because I love washi tape and gingham...
I combined them together in this set
  for decorating the pages!

I personally use a notepad to
 stay on task daily and so
 I decided to design one as 
a companion to the planner:)

I also designed ALOT of 
super cute and super tiny stickers 
to fit on the planner pages.

These little cuties will 
help remind you of appointments, tasks, 
and special things that you have planned.

And guess what? 
When you pre-order my 
Scrappy Project Planner...
you will receive my 
Bee Creative sticker book for free.


Thank you so much for all of your kind comments on my 
during the photo shoot this week.
Amanda, Mr. Honey, Kassidy and I 
had a great time setting up the quilts for photos
at beautiful Gardner Village 
 as well as my own cozy little cottage and garden:)

Thanks for tuning in...
I hope that you are all enjoying your summer so far!

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

A New Farm Girl Friday - Happy Anniversary Farm Girl Vintage and a free Farm Girl Layer Cake Block Tutorial - Farm Girl Layer Cake!!

Good morning cute people! 
Today I'm celebrating Farm Girl Vintage 
along with my amazing publishers 
It's Sew Emma by making a cake!
Go check out 

to see all of the cute participants:)
I'm super excited to show you 
how to make my new block called 
Farm Girl Layer Cake:) 

I designed this block to celebrate the 
one year anniversary of my third book 

It's been so much fun 
seeing stacks of Farm Girl quilts 
from my book being made in sewing rooms 
and quilt shops everywhere...
so I thought it would be fun
 to celebrate by
 making a cake together!

Every celebration needs a cake right?
And what better kind than an old fashioned yummy layer cake
 made with lots of love and sprinkles...
just like grandma used to make...
and of course she put it on a vintage cake stand:)

 to download the free cutting sheet 
and then I'll show you how to make it!

After you have downloaded the recipe...
decide which size cake you will be baking and
cut all of your ingredients. 

Cutting is for a 6" block...

And a 12" block:)

I made both sizes of course...
 but today I'll be showing you 
how I made my 6" block.

I always lay my block out on my design board
 to make sure that I like my fabric choices 
and that I have cut everything:)

*NOTE* - I also cut a green  2 1/2" x Width of Fabric for binding.
1 strip is enough for the 6" block 
but you will need 2 if you are making the 12" block.

Now lets bake a cake!

*Take note when laying out ...
that the bottom rectangles for the cake stand (M) (L) 
are laid out tall and the rectangles for the top of the 
cake stand (N) are laid out wide as pictured:)

**Also take note***  
that piecing instructions 
are exactly the same 
whether you are sewing the
 6" block or the 12" block:)

Lets start with the top layer of the cake.

1. All of the smallest background squares are (G). 
Place one on each side of the heart tops (P) with right sides together.
Also place the bottom pieces of the heart (Q) onto 
the top inside corners of pieces (H) 
and stitch from corner to corner like this.
2. Trim an approximate 1/4" seam allowance and press your seams OPEN.
3. Place back down on your design board for the next step.
4. Yes...I said press your seams open!

You will find that by pressing open...
 (especially when sewing small pieces) 
that your blocks will lie flat be more accurate. 
In a few of these steps its not necessary...
 and I will let you know when we get there!

1. Place a (G) square onto the other side of the heart tops (P)
 and sew the other easy corner triangle.
2. Place them back onto design board.
3. Yes...continue to press seams open:)
4. Sew the two heart tops and
 the two heart bottoms together like this.

1. Sew (E) to the top of the hearts and the 
frosting (K) to the top of the bottom cake layer (I).
2. I pressed the seam towards the (E) rectangle 
and pressed frosting/cake seam open.
3. Sew a (B) on both sides of heart top and press toward (B)
Sew the bottom layer of cake/frosting section
 to the top layer and press open. 
sew the side pieces (D) to 
each side of the cake and press towards (D).
4. Sew these two sections together making sure that
 the center seams in your heart line up. 
Press seams open:)

The top of your cake is out of the oven...frosted and decorated...
and now its time to place it on your cake stand!

Here's another thing that I do to get my blocks to lie as flat as possible.
After pressing each section...
(I use a good hot iron with absolutely no steam)
I lay it out on my design board while its still hot from pressing 
 and smooth it out flat...
the batting on the design board will keep it in place...
 and then...

I quickly put a ruler on top on hold it down firmly until the block cools off.

I do this especially when sewing small blocks or little pieces in a large block.
By pressing open and using a good hot iron and my design board...
my blocks are flat and accurate.


Now for the cake stand:)

1. Sew the easy corner triangles onto the (N) pieces of the cake top. 
Use one (G) for the left side of the end piece and the other little squares are (J).
2. Repeat for the right side of the cake stand top pieces.
3. Trim as usual:)
4. Press seams open and lay back out on your design board.

Sew them together like this:)

The back of mine:)

There are a lot of seams in this section but don't worry...
just be sure to use an accurate 1/4" seam allowance 
so that it doesn't end up too long or too short 
for the top piece that you are sewing it to. 

You can see that mine is just a smidge longer.

Whenever this happens...
 I place the longer piece on the bottom when sewing the two together
 because I know that the feed dogs will 
pull the bottom piece through at a little faster rate 
than the top piece so it will ease in nicely....

Like this:)

Make sure to press your seams open and use my 
design board and ruler trick!

Now sew the easy corner triangles (G) onto 
the bottom rectangles (M) (L) of the cake stand like this. 

Sew the side pieces (F) to the cake stand center (O)
Press these seams towards the (O) 

After trimming the easy corner triangles on the bottom...
sew them together and press the seams open.

Before sewing to the cake stand center you will need to 
sew the easy corner triangles (C) onto the top outside corners.

I use my Seams Sew Easy
 so that I don't need to mark any lines 
on my easy corner triangle squares...
and for an accurate 1/4" seam of course!

I also use an open toe foot when piecing 
so that I can see exactly where 
my needle goes into my fabric at all times...
I don't like to assume it's lining up 
if I can't see it under a presser foot:)

Now the bottom of the 
cake stand pedestal is finished...

With seams pressed open of course!

Now sew the two pedestal 
sections together and 
add the side pieces (A).
Press towards the (A).


Your block is complete:)

I added the optional borders on mine because
 I'm making a Farm Girl potholder just like on page 
number 120 in the Farm Girl Vintage book:)

One more view of the back of my block:)

I prepared my cakes for quilting 
by layering the blocks with batting and backing fabric.

I prepared a binding for each as well.

to see my machine quilting 
and binding tutorial:)

Here is my 6" Farm Girl block 
fresh from the oven!
(it finishes at 8" with the borders)

And here is my 12" Farm Girl Layer Cake 
completely baked and ready for a celebration!

(it finishes at 14" with the borders)

Thanks so much for joining me for another Farm Girl Friday!

to see other Farm Girl Layer Cakes 
that others have been baking!

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